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Xtra’s line of Lexmark Printers

Since 1991, Lexmark has been a recognized and lauded leader in imaging and output solutions that help people and organizations improve process and reduce their costs.  Lexmark’s award winning imaging and output technology has continued to evolve as the world becomes more digital and connected.

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Colour Printers

The documents you print define an important image - yours. Lexmark colour printers help businesses to be more productive and stand out with vibrant colour. With the ability to print professional-quality colour in-house, you can add instant impact and save costs by virtually eliminating the need to outsource print jobs.

Black and White Printers

Lexmark Black and White Printers are versatile multifunction systems that help your business be more productive. Configure your device with the right features and productivity solutions to simplify your workflow so you can focus more on business.

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