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Xtra’s line of Canon LASER CLASS Fax Machines

Canon’s LASER CLASS Fax Machine line has set the industry standard for high quality, plain paper faxes. High speed modems, fast scanning, enormous document memories and crisp, laser output keep faxing productivity at its peak.

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Mid-Volume Fax Machines

The LASER CLASS 650i are multifunction mid-volume fax machines that provide a rich fax feature set, and outstanding multifunctional capability. With fast output speeds up to 35 pages per minute, compact size, and user-friendly operation, it can provide multifunctional fax capability for every business.

Multifunction Fax Machines

Canon takes the traditional office facsimile to the next level with the new flagship LASER CLASS 830i and LASER CLASS 810 Multifunction Fax Machines. Gone are the days when small offices and workgroups must rely on multiple devices to meet their everyday document needs. Beyond their rich fax features, the LASER CLASS 830i/810 devices offer network printing, duplex scanning and printing, and colour sending capabilities for seamless workflows and enhanced productivity.

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