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Xtra's line of Canon Document Scanners

The complete line of Canon Document Scanners offer amazing image quality that comes from Canon's years of experience in developing high-precision optics technologies. They also offer flexible and reliable scanning of mixed batches of documents. And finally, they deliver outstanding value.

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Personal Scanners

Canon's line of imageFORMULA P-Series personal scanners allow Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) users, telecommuters, and road warriors to improve personal efficiency and individual productivity. Highly portable and mobile, these small, easy-to-use scanners are for individual or shared use for general purpose, distributed scanning tasks, from the convenience of any location.

Workgroup Scanners

Canon’s line of compact imageFORMULA DR-Series workgroup scanners enable small businesses and large enterprises alike to decentralize or distribute document capture closer to the work itself. They are typically used by individuals or by small groups of users for ad-hoc, or general purpose scanning tasks, and represent outstanding value.

Departmental Scanners

Canon’s line of imageFORMULA DR-Series departmental scanners encompasses favourable features from both the workgroup and production level scanning products. By adopting these key features, Canon’s departmental scanners are performance solutions for distributed scanning of high volumes of documents.

Production Scanners

Canon’s line of imageFORMULA DR-Series production scanners is ideal for vigorous scanning tasks. Designed to maximize productivity in high-volume, centralized, data capture environments, Canon’s production scanners maintain the integrity of documents at rapid speeds for mission critical document conversion and content management.

Network Scanners

The Canon imageFORMULA ScanFront Series of network scanners are ideal for decentralized or distributed scanning applications, and for easily sharing documents via a network. They are easy-to-use and manage, secure, and plug right into an office network to deliver direct network scanning and sending.

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